Longview New Home Warranty Inspections

new home warranty inspections longview

Conducting a warranty inspections during the 11th month of your 1-year Builder Warranty is advised to ensure that necessary repairs are carried out by the maker before the warranty expires at no cost.

Inspecting your new house is important.  A new house always has its quirks, so this warranty gives you the opportunity to go through the property and take a careful look at everything before you can let your builder know if anything needs adjusting or changing.


 New Home Warranty Inspections covers the following :

1. Electrical inspection and plumbing – to make sure your house is safe and there will be no sudden electrical fires or burst pipes that could cause a lot of damage.

2. Pest control – many new houses struggle with pests, such as rats, mice or termites. Be sure to check out all their possible hiding spots and look for damage.

3. Mold and damp – these two things are health hazards that have a serious impact on you and your family, especially if you have children or live with older adults.

4. Windows and doors – make sure that all the locks work and that you can safely close them to guarantee your safety. An outdoors check should include the roof as it is the first safety against elements. Look for leaks or broken roof tiles.

5. Drainage is another important part. Make sure the pipes are working. Clearing the gutters if needed and find how the whole system works repair easier.

6. Air conditioning unit or solar panels – check that they are in working order and have no faults.


Having a specialist company inspect your new home ensures that you get a report from professionals who are licensed to issue one. Also, you receive documents that will help if any problems rear their head. If you do it on your own, you will not have any documentation that would prove the quality of materials. Any builder will be able to argue that damage was caused by something else entirely, causing you to pay a lot of money for repairs or improvement. If you have a detailed report, you can easily talk to your builder and get things corrected. This why it is important to have a new home warranty inspections before the warranty expires.

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Pre-Warranty Expiration Inspections Longview TX

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