Investor Property Inspection in Longview

investor property inspection longview

Conducting an investor property inspections before purchase as well as periodically during the ownership of new investment is the best practice of any investor.

Pre-purchase inspections are performed to identify defects before taking ownership of the new investment. It can also be a negotiating tool for sale price adjustment.

Periodic inspections for properties currently in your portfolio would ensure the identification of needed repairs following says a long term tenant’s departure. Long-term residents sometimes neglect to mention repairs and abuse to the property during their tenancy. Identifying those problems as early as possible is the key to a successful ownership.

Before investing in a property, there are several things to do and take into consideration. Some of them include gathering all necessary information about the property, preparing enough cash, location of the property, and inspecting the conditions of the property.  We usually advise our clients to inspect or have a professional inspector before purchase and occupancy.


What We Inspect in an Investor Property Inspection? 

Investor Property Inspection covers the roof, the foundation, electric wiring, HVAC, plumbing and all structural areas. In other words, we ensure full coverage of all systems (water, heating, cooling, electrical, water, light, and drainage), equipment and interior and exterior of the property.  After the inspection, a home inspector will provide a detailed report which will contain recommendations, repairs if needed and proper maintenance of each system and structure.


What are the benefits of an Investor Property Inspection?

1. This inspection will help to uncover unseen problems that are not visible to the naked eye. Our inspectors will conduct a thorough checking of all areas agreed upon. It is only through this inspection that various issues in the property can be identified.

2. Through this inspection, an investor is in a position to know what he or she is buying. The more the buyer knows the property, the fewer the surprises during the occupancy period.

3. A possible investor will be able to get the property with the realistic price. The quoted price may be negotiated depending upon its current condition, and it can only be revealed during the inspection.

Conduct an inspection of the property before investing. You will save both money and time that may be used to take care of any arising issue.

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Investor Property Inspections Longview TX

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