5 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

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  Brought to you by your friends from HK Inspections A beautiful, sunny day is one of the best parts of the season, and when you have one, you simply have to be outside. When you step outdoors, where do you go? To the park? The lake? A friend's home?How often do you stay home and enjoy a beautiful day in your outdoor space? If your answer is not often or never, it’s time to create your home field advantage. With just a few simple improvements you can make even the smallest outdoor Continue Reading ...

Tricks To Customize A Kitchen On A Budget

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  Helpful information from HK Inspections  Who wouldn’t want a kitchen customized to meet their specific tastes and needs? A complete kitchen renovation can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but you don’t have to spend a bundle to achieve a custom effect. A few modest investments can help make your kitchen work well and look great.Ways To  Affordably Customize Your Kitchen: 1.Get creative with cabinetsCompletely replacing cabinets can be costly, but it’s Continue Reading ...

Smaller Metros Take Action To Draw Millennials Fleeing Urban Areas

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  An Article Courtesy of  HK Inspections Are millennials getting ready to leave big cities in droves? Some experts in demographics, economics, and real estate have predicted the millennial exodus from vast urban areas has already begun. If true, the question remains: where will they go?Some may head to the suburbs as their parents and grandparents did before them, but many will look for a different lifestyle, one that combines the advantages of suburban living with features of city Continue Reading ...

DIY Projects To Prepare a Home for Sale

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 Helpful Information from your friends at HK Inspections If you're looking to sell your home quickly and for more money, it's essential to make popular areas of the house look appealing to potential buyers. Fortunately, with a little DIY effort, you don't have to invest in expensive home repairs or real estate-staging services. Consider the steps below to for a market-ready home when it's time to sell.  Easy DIY Projects for a Market-Ready Continue Reading ...

Home Innovations that Protect Against Moisture

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 Brought to you by your friends from HK InspectionsThere is an insidious enemy that every homeowner dreads: moisture and the damage and degradation it can cause if left unchecked. Luckily, home improvement manufacturers have discovered new ways to prevent moisture from penetrating the home in the first place. With new home product innovations, there is no reason to suffer the costly and damaging effects of rain, snow or ice.Unique fasteners add longevity to decks:Innovative Continue Reading ...

A Smart Way To Buy A Home

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 Helpful Information from your friends at HK InspectionsAre you considering buying a home? With mortgage rates on the slow and steady incline, there may be no better time for a home purchase than now. Mortgage interest rates will likely continue to go up for the foreseeable future, according to recent data from the housing finance company Freddie Mac. Many housing experts and industry observers agree.What does this mean?:If you are thinking about buying a home, it means Continue Reading ...

6 Must-Know Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends

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 Brought to you by your friends from HK InspectionsMany homeowners today wonder how they can turn their bathrooms or kitchens into something worthy of making the rounds on Pinterest or Instagram. As more people want to give their home a personal and stylish touch, home decorating and interior design is hotter than ever, and the possibilities are seemingly limitless.The only problem is that making up your mind can be overwhelming. If you’ve ever tried to pick what shade of Continue Reading ...

Natural Selection: Live-Edge Wood In Home Design

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 Helpful Information from your friends at HK InspectionsLive-edge hardwood, in which the sides of the slab are left unmilled to retain the natural profile of the tree trunk, is an increasingly popular decorative trend in today’s residential interiors. The technique is not only used for pieces of stand-alone furniture such as tables and benches but also for built-in elements like shelving, mantles, countertops, bars and kitchen islands. “Most mills cut off the rough Continue Reading ...

A Room-By-Room Guide To Decluttering Your Home

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  Brought to you by your friends from HK Inspections Controlling clutter in your home can be a challenge; 48 percent of Americans say their houses are cluttered with stuff they don’t use anymore, according to a survey by ClearVoice Research. Multiple studies have found a cluttered home can negatively affect your mental and physical health, while a cleaner home can make you feel happier and healthier.A UCLA study found mothers in cluttered homes had higher stress levels while Continue Reading ...

Repair or Replace? What To Do With A Worn-Out Cooling System

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 Helpful Information from your friends at HK InspectionsSooner or later, every homeowner will face the same tough decision: Can you repair that malfunctioning system or appliance one more time, or is it finally time to replace it? Summer temperatures can heat up the repair-or-replace debate for homeowners living with an older cooling system.To arrive at an answer, you must weigh numerous factors, including which option is more cost-effective over both the long- and short-term, Continue Reading ...